The strong belief of EMESA Management that “our people, their motivation And dedication to customers, in safe and clean environment, are our main assets” is the main guidance in the work of the HSE Department.

Hence, the HSE Department planned their strategic objectives, which are summarized
As follows:

  • Identification and elimination of all hazards,
  • Provision control and recovery for high rated hazards,
  • Continuous reduction of low rated hazards by application of best practice management methods.

To achieve this plan with its prime target as ZERO accidents, a program was developed, based on training, implementation, monitoring and correcting situations and conditions.

Medical coverage is implemented on all sites to ensure the medical help when needed.

Distribution of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is obligatory measure to prevent injuries. Safety indication training is given to all employees to increase their understanding and knowledge towards HSE. First Aid and Fire Fighting training is given, as well, to provide qualified personnel on sites to face tough situations. Drivers and other staff receive “defensive driving training” to minimize accidents.

Our safety manuals and instructions are being reviewed and approved by our clients.
Implementation of HSE regulations and standards are monitored during the management safety meetings on sites.

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