EMESA was establish in 2012 in QATAR as a private owned company to work in the field of Oil and Gas industries and all kinds of Building.
EMESA is capable of providing a wide range of construction services in the field of Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical projects with a full compliance with the international codes and standards.
EMESA is a company for the same owner Of Al-SHIBLY Group Oil which was establish in SYRIA back in 1986 and was specializing in the field of Oil & Gas Industries.
EMESA is also a company for the same owner of CTCO {CHEBLI  AND TELLAWE Contracting & Trading} which was establish in ALGERIA on 2005 and providing the services of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction  for Oil and Gas field projects.
EMESA  was established as Petroleum Construction company LLC .., Limited liability in the State of Qatar to be a synonym for the rest of the companies located in each of Syria and Algeria.
EMESA defined its main scope of activities as follow:
General Construction (General Contractor)
Contracting Road Construction
Carry Out Infrastructure
Construction Works Oil And Gas Fields
Trade Equipment And Oil Wells And Natural Gas And Spare Parts

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